Awoken EP

by Rhyme Progression

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joseph torstveit
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joseph torstveit I saw Rhyme Pro the fall of 2012 got the awoken ep after the show and shortly after downloaded "ALL I HAVE IS MUSIC" and "HALF AWAKE TAPES" fucking love this music Favorite track: Shallow Graves...(Bonus Prod. By Maulskull).
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Awoken EP marks Rhyme Progression's 2nd major release. This 5 track EP was entirely produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by the ambitious 20 year old from Denver Colorado. The EP takes you on view on life through the perspective of Rhyme Progression as he finally awakes to the realities of life.


released August 1, 2012

All lyrics written by Rob Fischer with the exception to Track 5.
Produced by R. Fischer
Recorded and Mixed by R. Fischer
Tracks 1-5 Mastered by R. Fischer
All Rights Reserved 2012 - Rob Fischer

Bonus Tracks:
I Don't Need You - Produced by Anthony "Blacksheep" Kunovic
Just Another Day - Produced by Brendan "Crates" Campbell-Craven

Bonus Tracks - Death by Three's Volume 7 Rhyme Pro & Maulskull
I've Been Told - Produced by Jonathan "Maulskull" Messinger
Shallow Graves - Produced by Jonathan "Maulskull" Messinger
Wreck-Collections - Produced Jonathan "Maulskull" Messinger


all rights reserved



Rhyme Progression Denver, Colorado

Hip-Hop Artist
Denver, CO

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Track Name: Backyard Cypher
Backyard Cyper
I can’t write a single gat damn word
Can’t understand this curse or how life works
Can’t see what it is but it lurks
I was born to be lazy, I get bored and it hurts
I’ve got a motivation problem
You would think it’s just me, but look at you we’ve all got them
So don’t hate don’t judge don’t fake that love
Don’t make things up you’re not that tough
I’m sick of dealing with this bullshit on a daily basis
About how your cd will make you famous
Be real, youre on nobody’s playlist
And you’re little rap show left no amazement
I’m phased can’t say where the day went
Outplayed, half-blazed at a day’s best
What is music, its great sex
Alright sober but its better on great sex
I don’t wanna be a rap star
On the real it couldn’t be that hard
I just wanna kick a cipher in the backyard
With my friends and their friends spittin wack bars
It could be that way forever
It doesn’t really matter if we’re ever getting better
I prefer to stray from the selfish endevors
I was born dyslexic so I’m helpless with letters
Which means its rare I write rhymes down
I think its about time
I’ve got a headache and I really need to lie down
Maybe I can read in a dream let’s find out
Too bad it’s a crime now for me to rhyme loud
About what I’ve seen in that dream and my doubt
I’ve rocked enough shows to know you can’t define crowds
And every show doesn’t float some fly south
It holds me down but I try to stay positive
Dealing with this shit and there’s always a lot of it
So Ima hold my head up high
And wait for time to pass on bye
Track Name: Gat Damn Right
Gat Damn Right
Rome wasn’t built overnight I didn’t build it
I’m just another shitty rapper in the building
That’s the truth yo, I can’t believe you’d listen to this
I’m lazy stoned, pissed and I’m sick of this shit
I wish I didn’t exist on the daily
Still wishing that the worlds gonna change me
I’m slacking, waiting for this life to happen
I’m a disastrous rapper cooking in a cracked pan
Turn me over lets expose the raw side
See it all bright built my life on all lies
That’s an unstable foundation that leads to amazement
If I’m worth your money then I haven’t been paid yet
So fuck your money and fuck your paycheck
I’ve made negative dollars and still manage to stay fresh
I’ve lost balance even though I’ve got talent
I’m loosing focus in a mix of pot salad
Am I a good man…

I lost the light I found a flash
I lost the fight to prevent an easy crash
The smoke clears but its hazed with a cigarette
I never knew a bit of coke could lead to instant sex
Watch the trend of our addiction to drugs
Just cause she’s giving it up, that doesn’t mean love
Its fucked cause we’ll be giving it up when the given tough
Theres always a light and it isn’t just luck
You gotta search and not take what comes first
You gotta search and search it takes work
I went down the wrong path steering it back, distracted
I’ve got too many fears to relax
So cheers to the times that we’ll never remember
Blazing down to the ash and the ember
I honestly should change before I up and kill my brain
But even giving up, I’m still fucked its all the same
Am I a good man…
Track Name: Broken Down(feat. Mac Lethal)
Broken Down
CHORUS(Emma W.):
So broken down down and I ain’t got a clue
Feeling this rock bottom it ain’t nothing new
I’ll I’ve ever know makes me who I am today
Comfort in my madness makes it hard to stray
It shouldn’t be this way, she shouldn’t be encaged
Shes a bird born with wings, but shes thinks they’re legs
Strutting through the forest, stumbles in a hole
Shes surrounded by her horrors and shes so uncomfortable
Un-aware of how she’s gonna manage
She feels stranded living off what ever she is handed
People take advantage and she sees it as advancement
The roots of all her problems are the roots of what shes planted
She broke her lakes tied together and they come unglued
Getting worried cause she doesn’t know what she can do
Always looking for an escape or something new
Those bad roots, you need to cut them loose
Cause you’ve been living in a hole forever
And I’m here to pull you out but you’re scared to flock your feathers
Whats even worse is that you won’t even try
But as time goes by close your eyes and you’ll fly
He’s an eagle, nah he’s evil
Helping other people but he’s caught up in his ego
Its all deceitful a wolf in sheeps clothing
Cloaked by the deep in hand he’s been holding
It could be good, needs to change and he wish he could
But he ran into a tree and he’s stuck in wood
Starved, eats more shit than a stomach should
Hardly breathing and he sees he’s been misunderstood
It’s a welcome to the neighborhood of misfits
Where you can see your whole life but then its gone in an instant
I wish that they didn’t have to breath with broken beaks
Smashed eyes they can’t see who they’re supposed to be
It’s a minute and they’re caught inside depression
And instead of getting help, they just wrestle with confessions
Time is of the essence, things are getting worse
They never learned their lesson on how to sing with a chirp
They’re covered in the madness
Every single day they’re having fights about the oven and the cabinets
How to fit the covers on the mattress
When the thing the need to do is try to save each other from the traffic
Cars, trucks, hard, luck
Damsels in distress that are star-struck
Wine drinking art fucks Time shrinking bar drunks
Life is so predictable like me saying chai tea at starbucks
But I’d rather see progression with the rhymes
So I make the story better every time here we go
The moral of the story is the studder how you really feel
Both of them grew wings when life had cut up their Achilles heel
And now their ears pop from the cabin pressure
All the turbulence rattling their jagged feathers
The rapid weather, and the rain
It makes me wanna open up my wings and fly again