Devil's Coffee​(​Prod by JohnWeighn)

by Rhyme Progression

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Humble as F**k and Wicked Water Works Present:
Scorpio Spits Tour w/ Oso Negro & Rhyme Progression
Oct 25 - The Woodshed - Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 26 - The Other End Bar - Herber City, UT
Oct 27 - Grainey's Basement - Boise, ID
Oct 29 - The New Astro Lounge - Bend, OR
Oct 30 - Luckey's - Eugene, OR
Oct 31 - The Filling Station - Kingston, WA
Nov 01 - The White Rabbit - Seattle, WA
Nov 02 - The Waucoma Club - Hood River, OR


I know this guy who can act so nice
who can convince that he's pretty on the out and the inside
Who can sell you anything for all your pennies and a scream
sell you a fake dream that he'll set you free
He's always at bars and at the house parties
There's nothing alarming, he smiles and comes off as charming
at least at first, his ethics need some work
he'll do anything to get underneath her shirt
Which means, anything you think
He won't hesitate to let another young life sink
Play your emotions, set sail and guide through the ocean
Send you to an iceberg, whichever one lies the closest
There will never be a synonym
to describe how he's nice yet likes to take your innocence
His perfect first date isn't any sort of java
It's a late night sniffing up columbian product

There's angels & theres devils
there's coffee beans and there's white little coke pebbles
Where There's angels & there's always devils
choose one of the two to make you so special

there's this girl that've I seen, you'd think she's of a dream
Think she has her life together never ever not clean
She's not hanging with the wrong team
she's not dangling her life by the thread of a small string
But theres this dude, with these eyes made of doom
and her eyes may get glued, from the back of the room
without a clue of what her little heart may go through
she puckers up her boobs, ready to acquainted with booze
when the two are introduced see they're getting loose
dudes always laughing and his right hand is making moves
after dancing they be sitting at a back booth
sparking up a conversation of the stars and the moon
Its all a play though, the dude claims to be an angel
she giggles along and asks wheres his halo
he says yo, you might of caught me
lets you & me get out of here to my place and have coffee


Not a moment passed, the laughs gone, he holds her ass
lies his ass off then tries to show her cash
She's impressed, for a couple seconds
Thinks he's pretty witty and his voice is of the heavens
its the alcohol infused inside her brains
that lets her seal her fate away and get locked inside his cage
She's never really been out late
Never gone home with dude with out a date
and now this place is strange
her angel is an animal that could never be tamed
Thinking she should leave with out a smile on her face
he strangely invites her to try some late night cocaine
Says it'll cure all her stage freight
and encourage her rage all through the late nights
That's the last night we spoke see
now there hasn't been a morning where she hasn't had her nose bleed



released September 9, 2013


all rights reserved



Rhyme Progression Denver, Colorado

Hip-Hop Artist
Denver, CO

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